artist statement

Diane Adolph - in the studio

Although I involve myself in a multitude of creative endeavors, painting is my preferred means of artistic expression. That being said, it is the versatile properties of acrylic paints and gel mediums that I most often utilize in this pursuit.

In my representational art it is not my intention to create an exact replica but rather to personify the image through an exaggeration of color and redefined shape.

As gratifying as this approach is, I spent many years as a longing viewer of abstract art-as an outsider looking in, drawn to this lighter dimension of creativity. Through trial and error and lots of experimentation I have found a balance in my work, often venturing inwards on a more intuitive level, to places unknown yet familiar to paint between the lines of my reasoning conscience.

My inspiration to create is as strong as my desire to be. It has been with me as long as I can remember.

It is an endless journey.  Enjoy.